Eye Spy Daddy?

I have always said how undervalued teachers really are, and if you are in any doubt just think about this, if it were not for your own teacher, you would not be able to read this blog! Just think when you are driving, you are able to see the signs, and unfortunately so can my kids. I think I said before but when you see pictures of cafes with writing they always said ‘Closed’, until my little girl could read! Now, thanks to her teachers, she is very good at finding cafes, and ensuring they are open. The only thing she is a little ‘iffy’ on is her days, so I estimate I have a few more months before she works out Daddy is speeding up the days.

Today my car had to go into the body shop thanks to low flying objects that thought my car was a good brake. My wife took me to work in her car and the kids were grumpy to say the least as they like to have a lay in during the holidays and get at least two breakfasts before moving too far. As we frogmarched them out of the house, we got the usual, “But Daddy I’m starving!” and my son did his “Snack, Daddy” routine. The kids quickly realised that although Daddy was a little stressed getting them into the car, they estimated they could really do me in before work with a little innocent game of eye spy. We started with easy ones, and even Daddy cracked those in a few seconds. Then came the ‘belter’, the ‘I spy’ to send Daddy to a happy place where he rocks backwards and forwards and dribbles with words in random order. Yes folks, I spy with my little eye something beginning with ‘m’. Now start guessing. Imagine you are leaving your house, (yes yours will do,) just leave your house in your car and start guessing. Ok, you can go for the usual ones like man, mirror, moon etc. then you become desperate after a while and say silly things like mountain, mushroom. Well my journey to work should have made me a millionaire if I was getting points for each word used.

So the question is after a fifteen minute drive to work, what began with m. Give up? Batman! Yes folks apparently my kids saw Batman on the way to work. I was beginning to lose the plot as I could still not see how Batman began with an ‘m’! However, another worrying thought came into my mind. Never mind how they got Batman beginning with an ‘m’, they claimed to have seen Batman in Dorset! Now back in a big city I was use to seeing people going home in the morning a little worse for wear, and Batman was a regular sight, in fact Superman and Batman lived down my street. I live in the country now where Batman would feel unemployed, so I would be shocked if Batman found his way down my street, and if he did I would lend him fifty pounds to get a new sat nav.

The question is tomorrow I need my wife to give me a lift to work, but even my old teacher, whom I love dearly, did not prepare me for my kids version of eye spy!