Holiday Mark Two – Don’t Fall Asleep Too Soon, I’m Coming In!

Holidays come with enough stress, so you should be able to close the bedroom door at night and collapse. With the bedroom door closed stress should stay out of the door until the kids wake at six am, or later if you are very blessed. My youngest son, at eighteen months, started in the bedroom next door, and decided on day two that he wanted to be back with mummy and daddy. He started to bang the radiator next to his cot at 1am whilst shouting “Mummy, Daddy, Mummy and Daddy.” We both looked at each other, hoping and wishing this moment would end, but alas it got louder, and the whole house would be awake soon if we didn’t do something quickly.

I now know what the walking dead must be like, as I did not feel ready for 1am, but fortunately my son is very mummified at the moment, so my wife went, and I stayed awake to show willing, and comfort my wife.

The worst case scenario happened about 20 minutes later, when my wife said she could not get him to sleep. What do you do when you are desperate, apart from make your son sniff you socks, which even knock me out? I went and got his cot and said we would bring it into our room. After super cuddles, and lots of love, it was like watching an accelerometer, as he would fall asleep, but the moment he was tilted for the cot, the screaming would start. After a long time, which in my mind felt like hours, but I guess was only a short period, he was put into our bed. Now I don’t mind this, as we were both careful, and shuffled up. We clung to the edge, but then he started to sleep star-fished! You have to be kidding me, not again! Now don’t get me wrong we do not make a habit of this, but we were desperate. I have woken a few nights having slept with my head on the bedside cabinet, and woken up with dents of the objects that were on the bedside cabinet in my forehead.

As the morning sun rose, I was looking like an 18 year old, who had been on a heavy drinking spree the night before and just arrived home. We did the honourable thing and the moment he stirred, we booted him downstairs, grabbed the nearest victim (aka a handy cousin who happened to be walking past the bottom of the stairs) and asked them to look after our son for a few minutes. Sorry, did we say minutes? I am sure I should have said hours. After going back to bed, it was lovely to see the back of my eyelids and the duvet again!