Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to me, and I do not knowingly collect any personally identifiable data of any kind, to the best of my knowledge.


I do not utilise to the best of my knowledge any cookies, or tracking cookies as I wanted my site to just make you laugh. I do not know how many people visit my site and like to think it’s more than a few, but as I say I do not use cookies so I have no idea.


I do not allow comments on my site to ensure no one leaves unkind comments, and ensuring there is no loss of anyone’s data.

To summarise I do not collect or harvest any personally identifiable data, but should you find anything that concerns you, please notify me immediately and I will ensure it is dealt with as quickly and swiftly as possible.

If you wish to contact me, then please use one of my social medias and leave me a private message.

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