Why Is Your Debit Card Wilting Daddy

In my house you get rewarded for good behaviour with marbles in a jar, and when you’ve reached the top you get a treat day from Daddy. Now my little girl had reached her ‘Daddy treat day’ and I had been plotting ideas for a while, so I was as excited as my little girl when I woke up Saturday morning. I showered, changed, had the car seat in my car ready to go and asked my little girl to wash her face and brush her teeth. Now I did not consider this to be too much to ask, but I was told “How can I do this when I have not finished eating?” Sorry Tiger but the train station will not announce over the tannoy “We are sorry for the delay but the Dorset Dad’s daughter hasn’t finished eating, so the train will be waiting in the station until we hear otherwise!” Once her Majesty had announced she had finished we raced to catch the train.

As we entered the ticket office the member of staff smiled and asked me where would I like to go? Well personally my little ray of sunshine Canada, Italy or some sunny island would do me, but if not, then I would love to go to a famous city in Wiltshire. I paid my money and waited on the station platform. I looked at the station clock and noticed that people were staring at me. After checking my flies were done up I saw my little girl so excited she was doing star jumps, followed by press ups! I did ask Exercise Annie to pack it in, whilst we waited for our train to arrive. As the train arrived my little girl shot to the front of everyone as the doors opened and announced “Come on Daddy!” I wore my embarrassed look as the crowd parted and I walked through them like Moses crossing the Red Sea. I knew once we arrived we had to walk straight to the cinema to catch the film. As we got there a man was in the ticket office grinning like a Cheshire cat. Then he announced for me and my little girl to see our chosen film it was going to cost me £25.95. What!? Sorry sunbeam whatever you are smoking has affected your vision, could you look at the till again and keep button pushing until we get a lower figure? What do you do? I had promised my little girl we were going to watch a film so I handed over my debit card, which was shaking like a leaf, and paid. Cheery Charlie then had the nerve to tell me his name and could I go online with my phone and give some feedback? I said I would, and boy did I give feedback! Sorry, but as a parent if I had taken my wife and kids it would have been nearly £60 which is more than some families have for a food budget. Sorry cinema but that is totally unacceptable.

After being robbed, yes, I say robbed, we arrived at the snacks counter, which was conveniently put just before the entrance to the cinema screen doors and I am happy to report that for £4.95 I got my little girl a toy, popcorn, drink, and sweets along with a keepsake cup which was value for money. Not surprising as I had been robbed blind at the reception, with what I am sure just rose the share price up for the next few years.

As we came out I surprised my little girl by taking her to a pizzeria and we had a whopping meal all for £5.95 where my little girl got a drink, salad, pizza and ice cream. In fact we had more food than my little girl could eat, and she admitted defeat, and asked to go. Now how come I could have paid for the table next to me and my table’s meal and it still would have been cheaper than the cinema? Now I know what you are thinking, Dorset Dad you have rose tinted glasses and you cannot go around claiming it was cheaper in my day. No you’re right, but I swear it’s cheaper in this day. My local cinema is an independent and they have deals so cheap if I printed their website address your eyes would pop. I can take my whole family, yes people whole family, feed them with enough fizzy drink to make them diabetic and enough sweets and chocolate to send them into the obesity scale and still have cash left over from £25.95. Sorry, can you tell I was a little disappointed with this cinema?

As we left I promised to buy my little girl a dress and she asked if could she choose. I had already took that as a given because I don’t wear dresses so have no idea of a good one. As I took her from store to store she said they did not have any, so I was beginning to wonder if little girls dresses only existed on the Internet, until my little girl said “I know, let’s go back to the pencil case shop.” When she announced the name I did not recognise it and I was impressed when she found her way down the lanes back to this shop. It amazed me because I swear she could not find her way to her bedroom without us some nights. As we entered she picked up a pencil case by the till, and announced to the staff this one please.” Hang on, there were no prices! The first member of staff said, “Oh you get a ten percent discount today!” Fab I thought, then the second one asked me for £12! What followed was silence as I stopped breathing, and clung to the counter top to keep me upright, then the shop started spinning and my hands shook as I put my poor debit card into the machine.

After the worlds most expensive pencil case I asked to go home, as my wallet could not take any more punishment. We caught the train home and when my wife saw the pencil case she inhaled breath like a builder or mechanic before giving a quote, and asked me why I went in there as everyone knows they are expensive. Sorry Sweet Cheeks, but I do not even recognise the name, but I do know that eating is overrated and if we could turn the gas and electric off this month it would help pay for the next cinema visit.

All in all my day was made though, when my little girl announced she would remember this day for ever, and did not need a photo to remind her of the good time we had had. It’s ok my little bundle of joy, I still have the cinema receipt, so Daddy will also remember this day forever too!

If any member of my family needs to purchase anything I left my debit card in the freezer as it was very badly melted by a cinema and a pencil case!